Mark 6

A flexible system that delivers solid results
Car-O-Liner's Mark 6 is a mobile bench system with the added convenience of drive-on mounting. It's designed around the idea that the more flexible a collision repair system is, the more productive it will be. With a series of configurations to choose from, Mark 6 means flexibility in getting the combination of equipment best suited to your business. You can even build a system of your own using a combination of benches and accessories (all accessories are interchangeable). And you can update your Mark 6 system as your needs grow.







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Mark 6 Gallery

BRMark6-016152.jpg BRMark6-016156.jpg BRMark6-016157.jpg BRMark6-016158.jpg BRMark6-016159.jpg BRMark6-016160.jpg BRMark6-016164.jpg BRMark6-016166.jpg BRMark6-016169.jpg BRMark6-016171.jpg BRMark6-016173Meck.jpg Car-O-Liner_Mark_6_01.jpg Car-O-Liner_Mark_6_02.jpg Car-O-Liner_Mark_6_03.jpg Car-O-Liner_Mark_6_04.jpg Car-O-Liner_Mark_6_05.jpg Car-O-Liner_Mark_6_06.jpg Car-O-Liner_Mark_6_07.jpg Car-O-Liner_Mark_6_08.jpg Car-O-Liner_Mark_6_09.jpg Mark6-016175.jpg Mark6-016176B.jpg Mark6-016185.jpg Mark6-016186.jpg PT2500.-016228.jpg