The World's Largest Vehicle Database

Virtually every vehicle on the road today can be found in Car-O-Liner's vehicle database. With crucial measurement references available at your fingertips it is certain to be a profitable addition to your business!

New and updated vehicle models are continuously measured by our international team of trained measuring engineers. All measurements are made in close co-operation with vehicle manufacturers around the world.

With Car-O-Liner data service, Car-O-Data, you receive immediate up-to-date information through Internet or quarterly by dvd or cd. Car-O-Data covers nearly all new and up-dated vehicle models — todaymore than 13.000 models .

Car-O-Data subscription
One year Car-O-Data subscription is the data product for following software’s. 
- Car-O-Soft Vision X3 
- Car-O-Soft Vision
- Car-O-Mech Vision
- Car-O-Soft 2000
- Car-O-Print 2000

Immediate availability to new vehicle data
Through your local Car-O-Liner distributor you can sign up for Car-O-Data subscription.

Car-O-Data subscription gives you:
- Immediate availability to new vehicle data through Car-O-Liner's VisionWeb Internet System.
- Personal login access to Car-O-Liner's VisionWeb site.
- DVD every quarter. 
- Free updates on your measuring software.
- Support on data.
- Increased competitiveness. 
- Assurance against losing an order due to lack of information. 
- No waiting for the next release. 
- Upper- as well as underbody data.


- Covers Over 13.000 vehicles!
- Updates 4 times / year. 
- Photographed measuring points on new DataSheets 
- LowerBody and UpperBody measuring points. Mounted  and stripped up to 90 measuring points per DataSheet 
- Lowerbody and upperbody for t rucks and SUV's (X3) 
- Clamp position displayed. 
- VIN number search function (X3)
- Search function 
- Holding and anchoring information (EVO)

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